Voices in the Desert: the recycling of memory is a collective, multi-media, not-for-profit project, made available to the community on the basis of the terms of the current Creative Commons Public Licence. Any use of the material which isn’t authorized by the terms of said licence or by copyright, is forbidden.

Anyone is free to re-create, distribute, replicate, produce and communicate this project to the public, subject to the following 3 conditions:

1) must credit the original creation of the project to the collective name “Voices in the desert”

2) must not use this project for commercial purposes

3) must not alter or transform this project nor use it to create another project

A “Voices in the Desert” event must always conform to the following 5 criteria:

1) it does not support, nor is associated with or sponsored by any political party

2) it is presented to the public for free, and does not involve any payment for whoever is involved in its production

3) all active participants identify themselves under the collective name “Voices in the Desert,” thus renouncing any self-promotion of their own name or image

4) no original material is to be used; only fragments of material written by authors of the past, which contain topics of contemporary relevance and strong resonance with the present, as collected in the “Voices in the Desert” archives

5) any and all activity related to the project must be co-ordinated, promoted & publicized through the website www.vocineldeserto.it, its official YouTube channel and the Facebook community

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